Child's play learning chess ‒ with a lot of exitement and fun.

'Chess Junior' playfully introduces children from the age of 5 to the classical game of chess.

Whether a “Great Rook,“ a “Quick Bishop“ or “Wise Kings“: even the names of the child-friendly mini- games make you curious, promising variety and fun.

A total of twelve simplified game situations help junior players learn elementary chess rules and first tactics. The “Clou“ of the mini-games: Both players move only up to a maximum of 8 pieces. In this way the young players keep track of things and gradually experience situations such as Capturing, Cover, Counter-Attack, Threat, Double Attack, Forced Move, Stalemate and Mate.

After just 5 - 20 minutes, each mini-game comes to an end. So, the game never gets boring and quick success experiences are guaranteed.

Promotes strategic thinking, connects generations and is great fun.

Video Game Review (English)

Product Features

•  Game board (10 x 10 inches), 9 large format jigsaw pieces

•  32 wooden blocks, with clearly marked chess pictograms

•  Tutorial booklet with child-friendly explanations of twelve engaging chess puzzles [English, German]

•  Recommended age: 5 to 10 years