Chess Junior - the chess game winning over children's hearts!

Chess Junior is the kid-friendly version of the classic strategic board game that everyone knows and loves.


It was developed in order to help adults/mentors teach kids how to play chess in a fun and laid-back way.


By playing the 12 mini-games step by step, the junior players learn basic chess rules, tactics and strategies in no time.

CHESS JUNIOR  Thrills Children!

Mutter schenkt Tochter ein Schachspiel
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What makes Chess Junior unique for kids? 

  • Fun, kid-friendly features
  • Mini-games last just 5-20 minutes
  • Colour options: red, blue, purple

Chess Junior at the Classroom

Chess Junior has been used ‒ very successfully ‒ as a teaching tool to encourage talented youngsters in schools for highly gifted pupils and primary schools since 2015.


At the beginning, children do not know exactly which piece has to be moved and which target should be pursued. This could cause them to lose interest in the game of chess.  

Instead, the Chess Junior mini-games are simplified chess situations with short playtimes. While playing, both players quickly learn one step at a time.

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