Chess Junior™ ‒ My First Chess Set



Chess Junior™ ‒ The Fast & Fun Way To Learn Chess

Is your child spending too much time playing on computers, game consoles, cell phones and handheld devices? Let Chess Junior™ make the difference.

The Great Gift for Girls & Boys

Whenever you are looking for presents like board games for girls or boys, you will always draw your attention to find something special. We from CUBES.ART believe, Chess Junior™ will thrill you and your whole family as well.


Beautiful, premium quality chess cubes

Chess board to be puzzled

Parent Child tutorial with 12 reduced games

Cloth pouch for the chess cubes 

Recommended age: 5 years and up

Note: A regular chess game starts with 32 chess pieces (16 white and 16 black). Reduced chess games are less complex games in which each side plays with significantly reduced number of chess pieces.

Parent Child Tutorial [Preview]

This guide provides you with explanations of the rules of movement for the rook, bishop, king, pawn, knight and queen as well as 12 reduced chess games that build upon one another.

After learning the rules of movement in the figures' paths, important chess situations such as the ‚Capturing‛, ‚Cover‛, ‚Counter-Attack‛, ‚Threat‛, ‚Double Attack‛ and ‚Forced Move‛ will follow.

A typical stalemate and checkmate are explained in the learning steps 10 to 12. 


Now Online FlipBook available.

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